Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012: Kashele to Kavthewadi : The land and the trees

We walked a good 45 minutes between Kashele and Kavthewadi, to do some tests with a contraption designed by my friend, which would help with  the water carrying load of the adivasi and rural women of the region. More photos may be seen here

We normally do not have an autumn season, but one such, seems to be running late (into February)  here. Our walk between Kashele and Kavthewadi  was full of  so many leafless trees, standing tall.   So many bearing flowers, all in earth colors.

Clicked on my Canon EOS 1100D .

The approach road to Kashele 
Signs of development ?

On our walk from  Kashele to  Kavthewadi.  Notice the women carrying parts of the contraption (for carrying drinking water over distances) .  Women helping women....

                                  Commerce flourishes  on the roads of Kashele

                                       Signs of development , literacy , culture et al ?

                                                             An abused well

     After a harvest, the fields are subjected to a Raab process.  The adivasis, collect lots of organic biodiverse material from the jungles and surroundings,  and cover , say , a 30 ft X 30ft area with it.  The entire area is lit with fire, and in the process,  the original land, hard after a recent harvest, and possibly subject to pests , now gets dewormed as well as porous, after the fire has died down.  The adivasis have been doing this for ages, and now science says that this increases the potassium content of the soil, which is good for the next crop taken there.  (Much similar to we humans doing stuff to strengthen our bones)   A post Raab field looks like the above.

And now below,   the richness of trees that lined our path as we walked.

This one here almost resembles a  classical dance pose .  


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