Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012: Kashele, Taluka Karjat, District Raigad. ....The people

I  visited a village called Kashele, near Karjat in the district adjoining Mumbai ,  accompanying  someone who was working on a project concerning carrying of drinking water by women in villages, and designing something to  make things a bit easier for them.   

These are photographs taken around 8 am. The children were up and about, and very curious as to what we were up to. 

This village ,  with a big adivasi population, has developed very fast. 

This area is usually very green, at the year end.  With the approaching spring and summer, it gets  a golden tinge, thanks to the harsh sun and depleting water.

Clicked on my Canon EOS 1100D

Approaching the Kashele Village

                                                    Her work begins


                                         Outside on a lovely morning, looking in

                                                  Hero at breakfast

                                                      A typical dwelling

                                       Tomorrows confident citizens

                                           Wondering about school ?

      Why is it always the woman who bears the brunt ?  Amazing Grace...

                                      Looks happy to try out something new ?

                             Beti Padhao, Khilao, aur strong banao ....

                             Trying out something different . Does it help ?

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