Friday, December 18, 2015

Queen for a day !

We decided to go on an early morning ride from Powai to Malabar Hill and back, and started at 4 am with my friends Elan Chelian and Sai Pratyush.

Here is the route we followed.   Eastern Express Highway, Kings Circle, Dadar, Prabhadevi, Worli Seaface, Haji Ali,  Peddar Road Climb, Malabar Hill, and back via the Eastern Express Highway, via Sion , Ghatkopar and Kanjurmarg.  

We had a short stop for Chai  at Churchgate...
Left the house at 4 am , and returned home at 7.45 am.

It was a day like any other cycling day, I was having coffee, and  one of my friends suddenly msged saying my riding segment between Kings Circle to Haji Ali , a distance of 9.1 kms, got completed in 25 minutes, and this awarded me a "Queen of the Mountain"  e-trophy  from Strava, the software we use to analyse our rides and keep histories of our progress  (or lack of it ).

It also said that I gave my second best timing over an EEH stretch of 5.9 kms which i covered in 7 minutes.  

The Eastern Express Highway is fairly long , so I don't which patch of 5.9 kms between Powai and King's Circle this was.  Never mind .

Here is our route map.

Here is the gradient across which we rode over all the 66.6 kms.

Here is the table from Strava , awarding me the Queen of the Mountain e-trophy. 

So what is so great about it ?   

The crown represents total segment dominance! They are awarded to users who set times that slot them in atop Overall leaderboards at time of upload.

There are two types of crowns: the solid crown is awarded for top placement on the All-Time leaderboard.

The "wire" or "outlined" crown is awarded for top placement on the This Year leaderboard.

Mine was the wired crown !   :-)

It's nice to suddenly hear about this while having a decent breakfast.  

My fellow riders .  PC :  Sai Pratyush . 

The Royal (!)  Effort  above and our Chariots below!

It's also wonderful to have your fellow riders inform you about this when you are totally unaware of it .

Just wondering how Strava knew I was going to be chugging furiously up the Malabar Hill and Powai Hill....

Maybe it thinks they are mountains ?  

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