Sunday, November 15, 2015

62 kms , Colaba & Kyani and Co......

Approaching the end of the year means sunrise is a bit late and it is a bit dark around 5:45 am .   By the standards of my previous rides that started at 4:00 am , this was a bit late.

Nevertheless , six of us from Powai Pedals,  started on our ride to Colaba around 6 am.

(Map Attribution By TIFR, Nichalp (TIFR) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Colaba was one of the southern most islands that formed the island city  of Mumbai/Bombay.   These islands were initially owned by the Portuguese, who presented them as dowry  to the British Kind Charles II when he married the Portuguese princess  Catherine of Braganza. Typically, this action of the government in Lisbon was greatly opposed by the Portuguese in Mumbai and Goa and they kind of did delayed tactics , which angered the British King, who simply leased these islands to the East India Company , in   1675.  An establishment on this tiny island marked Old Woman's Island, was held on to by the Portuguese , and the British got control much later. Today this exists as the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in middle Colaba.  Thanks to reclamation of land around these islands, these are now interconnected and collectively referred to as the Island City/South Mumbai. 

Now a business district, naval cantonment, at one time populated by mainly Parsis and Christians , and a very popular tourist and shopping area, it is also home to some interesting Irani restaurants.  We decided to breakfast at one of these, south of Colaba , near the Metro theatre.      

 Kyani and Co , established in 1904 , by Khodadad Shokriye , who came from Iran, today his great-great descendants run the place.  Known for its iconic Irani Tea, Mawa Cake, Brun Maska , and  full strength egg dishes, sandwiches and custards,  all for amazing prices. 

We cycled via the Eastern Express Highway all the way to the Gateway of India , which is actually at one end (northern) , of Colaba.   Had a brief halt outside the Taj Mahal Hotel , ( as we are clearly not the types that can manage halts inside the Taj . :-) .... ).

Then cycled back towards Metro and Kyani and Co for some amazing breakfast of mawa Cake, Eggs  , Brun Muska and tea .  Fortified, we then made our way back across around 30 kilometres  to reach our homes a bit after 10 am, before the heat kicked in . 

Our faithful chariots ,  now used to traveling across all kinds of roads . This one, bravely gearless ,  is mine. 

The Taj mahal Hotel in the background. This was the target of , subjected to  and destroyed in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks , and carefully and painstakingly resurrected to its old glory later.  This photo  clicked as we take a breather between the hotel and its sea front promenade.

A selfie of the group at the Taj.   Very clearly,  there is always a population of folks in Mumbai going places, regardless of how early it is, even on a Sunday. 

Breakfast calls,  and we cycle down Mahatma Gandhi Rd towards the Metro Theatre (now called Big Cinemas ).  Kyani and Company lists its address as  " Jer Mahal Estate, Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai" . 
Easy to find  !

 The Brun Maska !

 Our group,  having ordered, waiting for it all to appear .  It appeared, was thoroughly enjoyed,  and one of the waiters obliged us and clicked . 
The group, full, happy and raring to go , on the ride back .

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  1. Next time, try Yazdani Bakery for its Brun Maska. My favourite.