Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 : Net pens, Fish Breeding and the Dimbhe Dam

This  was at the Dimbhe Dam on the Ghod river, Ambegoan, 92 kms from Pune. The river begins in the Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary in the Sahyadri hills. Nineteen dam-displaced villages are situated around the reservoir having an average fishing area of 1,278 hectares. 

The villager's right to fish in the Dimbhe Dam came after a struggle led by Kusum Karnik , co founder of Shashwat Trust. The reservoir is under the control of local tribals and fishing at the dam is managed by the community.

We climbed to the higher side of the dam to have a look at the fish breeding.

                   "Net Pens" set up for fish breeding on the banks of the Dimbhe reservior.
  A distance shot of the huge reservoir. The gross storage for Dimbhe is 13.5 TMC (382.06 Mcum) and area submerged at Full Reservoir Level (FRL) is 2202 hectares.
                                 Net Pen details with assorted infrastructure required.
Local man explaining the usage of the Net Pens.....There were many net pens begin managed here and one could walk around them.
  One more close up of the Net Pens. Jumping on the one of the walking areas often made   the entire thing undulate in the water alarming unsuspecting people seriously looking at the fish. Where upon u looked else where sort of pretending u had nothing to do with it.
Way up from the reservoir on our way into the hills, this was a view from a solitary house belonging to one of the villagers.
            Undulating road going up into the hills towards our next stop. It was raining through out the trip.
The red and yellow state transport buses have been the life line for the villagers reaching into the remotest    corners of the state. One such in operation.....

   Somewhere at the top we had this outstanding panorama view of the Ghod river snaking through the valley.

 Another view with different shades of green. Couple of steps further and there was a sheer fall into the river. Its a good thing i know swimming...
                                              This isn't me but the scenery is wonderful.
                                       This is me and the scenery still remains wonderful.....:-)
                                    The tyranny of monsoon clouds changing the whole picture.
                                         Further down the road and the wild flowers return.
                           This has been clicked from a moving bus later on in the evening.....

       The actual Dimbhe Dam. There are several villages towards the left side further down not in  this photo.

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